BOOKS recommended _ I used to sell these books but cannot compete with Amazon - however I recommend them

Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

Julie Bruton-Seal's long experience as a practising herbalist combined with husband Matthew's publishing know how has produced a great new herbal for the 21st century. This is the book that I take most recipes from. While there have been many excellent herbals over the years and centuries, this is the most useful to me practically. The information is current - uses of herbs seem change with the times, and Julie is aware of this. Like me she lives a rural life in modern Britain. Ninety per cent of the same herbs are available to me as to her and the recipes do not include ingredients that have long become hard to find or unavailable. Hedgerow Medicine has become a popular book, which is not surprising with its excellent photos, easy to use format and abundant information about plants.

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This was just the first book by Julie and Matthew, it would be worth googling to see what else they have now done. I particularly enjoy their books and find them USEful.


Herbal Healers by Glennie Kindred

This is the book I wish I had written, small and beautifully Illustrated with line drawings by the author.   It provides a digestible amount of information about common plants and their uses.
Wooden Books £5.99p Free carriage

A Hedgerow Cookbook
by Glennie Kindred

Another mini gem by the renown 'hedgewitch' Glennie Kindred. A great collaboration between the publisher and the author. Wooden Books produce small books but the information is always a condensation of knowledge from real experts. You will feel like an expert yourself after a quick read.
Wooden Books £5.99p post free

Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

I  often refer to this concise and authoritative reference book because I trust it and find it quick and easy to use with an alphabetic listing throughout for both ailment and herb.  If I was only allowed to keep one of my books on herbal medicine, this would be the one, although there are no illustrations or chat, the information is there.
£15.99 including post.

I would also recommend any book by Anne McIntyre. I do not have any in stock but she is a prolific writer and experienced herbalist and ayurvedic practitioner.